Electronic Flight Bag iPad software

Why Airlines Should Be Using EFB Flight Software Now

Electronic Flight Bag on iPad

There was a time when pilots had to lug a large flight bag containing all their flight data, manuals and forms with them to the cockpit. Not only was the bag large, but it was heavy and inconvenient. Once in the cockpit, the bag took up vital work space, and when it came to recording logs, completing forms or reviewing the manual, the pilot had to dig in the bag to find the correct paperwork. This was time-consuming.

In the modern age, it's no longer necessary for pilots to be bogged down or delayed with pounds of paper in a back-wrenching satchel. That's because everything they need can be found between the covers of their aviation iPad case.

Electronic flight bag software replaces the traditional pilot's flight bag. The digital counterpart weighs less than 5 pounds and takes up less than a square foot of space. iPad flight software allows for fast, compact access that is secure and private. It also does much more than simply provide forms and manuals.

Unmatched Performance

While space and weight are important issues to consider, EFB flight bag software can do more than the old heavy satchel ever could have dreamed of doing. It doesn't simply store information; it delivers it where it needs to go and receives the data in real time over secure transmissions.

The EFB is an electronic information management system. It manages and stores all aviation workflows and processes in a digital environment. Data inputted by the user can also be dowloaded and stored for offline use.

Aircraft records management has been forever changed with this user-friendly software package that can be adjusted to the needs of the pilot. It features an easy-to-use day and night mode and military versions are adaptive to night vision goggles.

The Complete Software Package

The electronic flight bag comes with a document reader supporting multiple file formats. It features a searchable library of documents and digital manuals that make it faster and easier to access relevant information. Airlines can use customized forms to fit their business model and request customizable templates that reflect their brand.

The EFB software can be used before take-off to calculate fuel and access the latest weather data. During flight it can display performance information as well as manage all the pilot's incoming flight data in real time to keep apprised of the latest information and last-minute changes that impact the flight. After the flight EFB software can be used to submit reports and logs regarding flight information. Out of the cockpit it can be used to track the pilot's trainings and certifications.

The benefits of utilizing EFB flight software are transformative for the airline industry:

Secure Information

EFB software is designed to give each user group the controls and access they need. A pilot has different access than administrators, who are able to restrict confidential records, while engineers have access to information regarding maintenance and performance. Documents can be prioritized to ensure they are seen by users and then can be marked as confirmed.

EFB flight bag software is made for airlines of any size, from the smallest to largest. Whatever IT infrastructure the airline uses, the software is customizable and easily integrated. EFB flight bags have been around for the last couple of decades, but today they are powerful tools that are critical to the success of any airline competing in aviation today.